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What Is Your Kryptonite?

What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams with reckless abandon? Is it your job? Your Family? Education? Possibly a physical challenge? Fear of the unknown? I have some good news and some bad news for you. Every one of these issues can be overcome! But, and this is a big “but” (no pun intended) it […]

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The Danger Of Not Becoming A Dragon Slayer!

Along the path to freedom you will encounter many unknowns. If we are not at our freedom destination right now, then we do not yet know where that path leads. Therefore we must find that path, or sometimes even make that path ourselves. “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there […]

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Scared Face

When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Hide Under The Bed?

What do you do when opportunity knocks?   Do you jump at the opportunities that are presented to you, or do you immediately discount the idea, thinking that you don’t have what it takes, that you don’t have the freedom to accept the offer, that you aren’t brave enough, strong enough or willing to take […]

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University of Life

 The benefits of a self-lead education… There is no entrance exam. There are no age limits. You do not know who the Professors will be. You do not know what the classes will be. You do not know when the tests will happen. The campus spans the globe. You determine the pace. You are the […]

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Do You Have A Rescue Team?

You never know when you might find yourself in a crevasse! When you travel your route to freedom, sometimes things can go wrong. Knowing that in advance, you can prepare for the bad times by creating a “Rescue Team” that can respond to your call for help in times of need. I’ve been part of a […]

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Taking a Sextant Reading

How To Change Course Even If You Think You Can’t!

It’s Never Too Late Do you feel like you are a passenger on a roller coaster through life? Are there ups and downs and some thrills, but you have no control over the ride? Do you ever feel like George Jetson on his treadmill yelling, “Jane, stop this crazy thing!”? While it may feel this […]

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