When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Hide Under The Bed?

What do you do when opportunity knocks?Scared Face


Do you jump at the opportunities that are presented to you, or do you immediately discount the idea, thinking that you don’t have what it takes, that you don’t have the freedom to accept the offer, that you aren’t brave enough, strong enough or willing to take the risk?

Those are all self-limiting reactions to new opportunities that can come your way. If you are going to start finding your route to freedom, you will need to be open to new opportunities.

One of the truths about moving to a new position in life is that things rarely go as you planned them. The Universe is not privy to your plans and has no care about how you envisioned your future to unfold. The Universe moves on and it is up to you to find your route as life moves forward around you.

Many times you will have to blaze a new trail through uncharted territory. Occasionally you will be able to travel on a well-worn path, however by its very definition, the well-worn path usually leads to someone else’s definition of freedom.

Rarely do we find our own freedom following someone else’s path.

This is why so few people achieve the freedom that they dream of. It takes hard work busting your way through the brush. The wide, easy path can be very tempting to take. When we lose sight of the fact that in order to get to our own freedom we have to follow our own path, the lure of the easy trail can take us away from the destination that we desire.

So, we need to resist the siren song of the easy path that so many around us are taking. If we want to live a life that others cannot then we must do what others are not willing to do.

While we don’t need to be contrarians, we do need to live deliberately. Each day we need to remind ourselves that this day we will work towards our own freedom, how ever we define it. We can either tune in to what is on the television, grab a beer and try and forget the life we live, or we can use what little time we have to ourselves and work towards the future we so desperately desire.

If we invest our time in our own future, then we can eventually reap the rewards of a job well done.

When opportunity knocks, what are you going to do?

Leave a comment and let us know what opportunities you have missed, and what you are doing to ensure you don’t miss the next big one.

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