University of Life

┬áThe benefits of a self-lead education…

There is no entrance exam.

There are no age limits.

You do not know who the Professors will be.

You do not know what the classes will be.

You do not know when the tests will happen.

The campus spans the globe.

You determine the pace.

You are the major.

It will be interesting.

It will not require you to go into debt.

You will make friends along the way.

You never have to graduate.

You can take a break any time you want.

The only prerequisite is a desire to learn.

You are the Dean, the Student and the Mascot.

It is as fun or as tedious as you make it.

You get to change your major at any time.

┬áRecess Frickin’ Rocks!

Action: Leave a comment telling us what classes you are in right now and what tests you are taking in the University of Life.



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