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never never never give up on your dreams

Why you need to never give up on your dreams!

Would you pursue your dreams for 10 years without seeing any significant progress? Is that being crazy, stubborn or is it the hidden secret to making your dreams come true? The wild thing about making dreams come true is that you never know when it is going to happen! You could be just around the […]

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Making Money Online Isn’t Rocket Science

What does it take to make money online? How is this different than making money through more traditional channels? What are the most important factors in succeeding with an online business? Online shopping, otherwise known as eCommerce, is becoming increasingly popular around the world. If you take advantage of Google Shopping, you can make sure […]

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The Key To Letting Go Of Your Stuff

Have you ever tried to “downsize”? Have you attempted to adopt a minimalist lifestyle only to go through a couple of boxes and have just a handful of items to get rid of? That was us the last few weeks. Just the other day I had an epiphany and found the secret to being able […]

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USS Ranger

The Number One Lesson Learned From Falling Overboard While Serving On An Aircraft Carrier

I didn’t exactly fall off the ship, but I was reported as “missing” during a man-overboard alarm. This embarrassing situation helped me learn a valuable lesson. How to “fall overboard” without leaving the ship Life aboard a modern aircraft carrier is very different than anything you have likely experienced. It is a floating maze of […]

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One Small But Important Step Towards Freedom!

When you start something new, after all the planning and research has been done, there is still one last hurdle to overcome: actually taking the first step. It is easy to daydream, plan and research.  None of those things represent commitment. Action takes commitment. Planning to live a more minimalistic lifestyle sounds intriguing.  Looking in a […]

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On Stress, Attachment and Clutter

There is stuff everywhere. No flat surface remains untouched. As if gravity alone is insufficient to hold down the tables and counters. Piles seem to slowly multiply all on their own. There seems to be an increasing amount of stuff hovering around the house. This ends up stressing you out because you know you had […]

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Put Up Or Shut Up

It’s time to stop wishing we were free, and finally make it happen. For over 10 years now our family has been dreaming of being location independent. Long before we even heard that term, being able to live where we want, move when we want and make a comfortable living while we travel has been […]

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Find The Courage To Follow Your Heart

What if there was an almost guaranteed way to find your happiness, get more energized, feel more fulfilled and live a healthier life? Would you be interested in that? In today’s fast paced world, it can be difficult to hear the small, quiet voice that is our intuition. This is the voice from the heart. […]

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7 Steps To Hitting Your Target!

Use these archery techniques to reach your goals!   This weekend we took the kids to an archery event sponsored by Rewild Portland. A number of families showed up for the event as well as a few regulars to the archery range. As we reviewed the elements of teaching our children about archery we realized […]

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Beautiful Exciting Distractions

Does your focus need more focus? Mine does quite often. The never-ending to-do list that seems to grow each day. No matter how many items get checked off, it just won’t get any smaller. Job, family, writing, yard work, exercise, the list of things that need to get done just doesn’t quit. Funny how in […]

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