Find The Courage To Follow Your Heart

What if there was an almost guaranteed way to find your happiness, get more energized, feel more fulfilled and live a healthier life?

Quiet down and listen to your heart

Would you be interested in that?

In today’s fast paced world, it can be difficult to hear the small, quiet voice that is our intuition. This is the voice from the heart. That small voice that talks to us in our heads when we are quiet and listening for it.

It rarely shouts at us. It is very polite and will not be demanding. It will wait quietly until we are ready to listen.

Only then will it reveal the secrets of your heart.

Just this week by slowing down, asking myself what I really wanted to be doing in the next year and then quieting myself enough to listen, did I find the answer.

It is an answer that has been right in front of me for a long time now. It is something that others have been suggesting to me during that time.

This answer was missing one small component that I instinctively knew was missing, but I couldn’t figure out how to overcome this gap.

Then I read Page Burke’s post at on why I should listen to the voices in my head. This really got me thinking. And listening too.

By being willing to stop the cacophony in my head, asking my heart what I want to do, ignoring my ego which was telling me what I “should” do, then listening for the answer I was able to clearly see the road ahead and how I can navigate this problem that has been stifling me for many months now.

You can do the same when you find the courage to tell the Ego to shut the hell up and stop telling you what you “should” be doing. The Ego is rational. It will line out all the reasons why you should be doing something or why you should avoid something. It is acting logically. It is telling you to be “realistic”. To not follow your “dreams” and do the responsible thing.

This can be a very subtle and persistent obstacle to finding what truly makes you happy. Your heart is yearning to be free. It longs to be fulfilled and validated.

Only when you can quiet the Ego, ask the heart for its desires and then take the time to quietly listen will you fully understand where your happiness lies.

Once you gag the Ego and ask the question, there is no telling just when the heart will answer.

Of course, mine decided to answer me while I was in the shower. With a head full of lather and no one around to take down any notes, my heart sprang up and said, “Hey, this is what you need to do to be happy. I know you’ve made some significant changes in your plans lately. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, so now you can follow this path over here in order to do all the things that you’ve been dreaming of doing.”

The ideas, thoughts, plans, excitement and emotions came flooding in so I had to repeat the ideas out loud to myself as I quickly rinsed off, dried off, ran downstairs and furiously started typing ideas in to my computer so that I could capture most of them.

Note to self: when you ask your heart a question, always, Always, ALWAYS keep a notebook handy.

The really wild thing is that your heart doesn’t have the constraint of being rational. It can be as wild and carefree as it wants to be. So, when you put the Ego back into the closet and lock the door behind it, then ask the Heart the big question, don’t be suprised when the answer knocks your socks off.

This is where the courage comes in, because now you cannot ever say that you just don’t know what will make you happy. Your heart just read you your mail and plausible deniability is no longer an option.

You need to buck up and start working towards the destination your heart just laid out for you.

You now know what it will take. Do you have the guts to make it happen?

What is your heart telling you to do?

By letting others know, two things happen. First, you are giving your heart’s desires form and validation by writing them down. Second, by letting others know what those desires are they can help make those things come to pass, in ways you can’t even imagine.

However, if no one knows what those desire are, there is no way anyone can help, even if you already have a rescue team in place.

Take the first step to making your dreams come true, give your dreams form by sharing them in the comments below.

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