Making Money Online Isn’t Rocket Science

What does it take to make money online?

How is this different than making money through more traditional channels?

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Keep reading to find out.

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Think Bigger

No, I’m not talking about some existential, woo woo kind of bigger thinking. Get information from HKM on employment rights and think about how you can add value to people’s lives using the knowledge and skills that you already have.

I had a perfect example of this while attending the World Domination Summit.

As I sat down for the morning session on Sunday, I introduced myself to Matt who sat next to me.

We went through the usual, “Hi, I’m <insert name here>, it’s nice to meet you. What do you do?” routine. I told Matt that by day I’m a software developer and in my spare time I’m building a blog related to Location Independence for Families.

Guys Like You Have It Easy

His immediate reaction was, “Guys like you have it easy. What you do can be done from anywhere.” So I asked him what he does. It turns out he is a rocket scientist! More specifically he is a Senior Systems Engineer for a major aerospace company.

I asked Matt to describe in detail what his job entails. He told me that he “makes everyone suffer equally”. If they have a need to keep a rocket under a certain weight and within a specific size then he makes sure that the design fits those requirements.

He also emphasized that while in various on-line jobs, the time and work of a freelancer is valued, in the aerospace industry, freelance work is not valued. In fact, it is highly discouraged through the culture of that industry. In Matt’s words, “They would not appreciate a rogue engineer.”

I encouraged Matt to use some lateral thinking. He has a very specific combination of knowledge and skills. Those skills can be applied to more than just the creation of rockets. They can be used to create solutions in areas that don’t usually use rocket science as a means of solving their problems.

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Think In A Different Space

If Matt were to think more broadly, he could apply his skills and experience in helping other businesses and individuals. He can take the processes that he has learned and use them to solve problems in a completely different space.

One problem could be the lousy quality of customer experience provided by the companies. He could make sure not to make such mistakes in his business and aim to provide the best customer experience by reading it on the Salesforce website.

He just needs to think latteraly. After we had this short discussion, Matt started to furiously write down ideas that were coming to him. I do not know what direction he took these ideas, but I could tell he was having a real ah-ha moment.

One of the fastest ways to work for yourself is to use what you already have and help people find new ways to solve their problems. Use the knowledge, education, experience and training that you have to create solutions to problems in a different “space” or area of interest.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

By focusing your unique knowledge, understanding, insight and experiences on problems that exist in “new” areas you can provide a new perspective and offer inventive solutions to those problems. This tool seo offers valuable data that aids in understanding your audience, their preferences, and behaviors.

There is an old saying that goes, “Everyone you meet is better than you at something.” The corollary to that is that you are better at something than most of the people that you meet. As a whole, you have a unique perspective on the world in general, and more specifically, how to solve problems when you see them.

Bring Your Perspective

One of the biggest challenges people face is that they see the world through the lenses of their own experiences. When you bring your perspective into their situation, you will see things that they cannot and will be able to come up with solutions that they would never have thought of.

It is a natural state of the human condition that if nothing changes, then nothing changes. What that means is that if someone continues to use the same thinking, the same habits and the same approach to the problem they are currently facing then they will continue to get the same results.

Only when some part of that equation changes will they get a different result. They can change that equation by gaining new knowledge, being open to new ways of thinking or intentionally changing their habits. All of those can take some serious effort and time to implement. A quicker way to implement change is to bring in a new perspective.

Add Value

This is where you come in. By being available to help others solve their problems, you are adding value to their lives. This is the basis to all business.

The restaurant adds value to you by being able to have a nice meal without having to cook it yourself.

The masseuse adds value by helping people to relax their stiff and sore muscles.

The computer programmer adds value by creating software that solves a problem or makes people’s live easier.

What skills, training, experience or knowledge do you have that you could use to add value to people’s lives? Take inventory of what makes you unique.

Look for ways you can use your life’s resume to help others.

How can you use your resume today?

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