5 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Derailment

 There is no failure, just how you learn from situations and how you choose to deal with them.

It is so hard to get your mind back on track after a major derailment.  The question then becomes how in the world do you get back on track?  Here are a few ways that might help…


1.  Talk things out with someone you trust and confide in.

This sounds very simple, but it is key.  Sometimes just the act of talking it through with someone will give you new insight and ideas.  Much of the time you will be able to let it go after you get it out.


2.  Change your perspective.

If you have been at home for days, get out.  Go somewhere different for a day or two if you can.  Change your activity.  This always helps me the most.  To get out of the norm helps me get a fresh look on things and my creativity usually starts flowing  again.


3.  Ask for help.

This one seems to be the hardest for many people, myself included.  I have a hard time asking others for help, but love giving help when asked.  It isn’t that I don’t want the help, I just feel bad for asking for it.

If you find yourself having trouble asking for help, try changing your perspective.

Those around you, (your friends, family, etc) may want to help but can’t if they do not know you need it.  So just ask.    If you have those around you who are willing and want to help, make them your Rescue Team and call on them when you need them.


4.  De-stress.

This can be anything that helps you to dump stress.    Exercise,  Take a walk in the woods, Go dancing, Photography, Rock climbing, Mediate, or Read a book.  The secret to this is finding something you can lose yourself in.  Something that will completely take your mind off of the issue.

For me, silly computer games and puzzles is what does it; that and getting out for awhile.


5.  Go back to your dream.

If you feel like your dream is slipping away try to engulf yourself in it for awhile.  This can mean searching the web for information, watching videos, pick up some brochures or if you are lucky go physically explore it by shopping (not buying until you are ready for it) and look at the items you will need for your dream.

In our case it is looking at boats.  When we can’t do it physically we get online and search for boats for sale.  We figure out costs and dream of where we would take it.  Envisioning yourself living your dream will keep you inspired and moving forward.

Just keep moving forward if even a little bit.

There are so many ways you can get yourself back on track.  The most important thing is to not let the situation or others keep you down for long.  If you lose all your momentum it takes time to get that back.  Just keep moving forward if even a little bit.  Keep your focus the best you can and do something.

Fulfilling your dream is not going to be easy.  You are going to be hit by many situations along the way, but learning how to deal with them is what will keep you moving.  There is no failure, just how you learn from situations and how you choose to deal with them.

Have any of these solutions helped you in the past?  If so, please share in the comments below which worked best for you.  If not, please share what did work for you.

We look forward to hearing your solutions.

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