What Do You Do When The Bottom Falls Out?

Kids On The Pier

How do you feel when you have your heart set on something, it looks like everything is falling into place and then the bottom falls out… yet again?

That is where we are right now.

The disappointment of having to wait.

Coming off of a weekend high of almost buying our boat and fulfilling the first part of our dream is quite a downer.

After looking at the boat, talking to the broker, talking amongst ourselves and having a third party look the boat over and give us his opinion on the damages that need work, I have to say it is a disappointment. It is hard not to think that we wasted another weekend and money to go see this boat.

Was it a learning experience? Yes. But unfortunately it has also confirmed our fears that we just aren’t ready for the boat.

Go small, go now!

I love the idea of ‘go small, go now’, but it is hard to do that when the small boats are hard to get a boat loan on and most of them need a lot of work. Money we don’t have saved up.

We know that it will all come in time, but it has already been 10 years and we are so antsy to get the boat. Getting the boat is just the first step in our journey.

We will still need to learn to sail, learn about our boat and how to work on all the systems and most importantly get used to the lifestyle. It will be a big change to go from a 1500 sq ft. townhome to a 32 to 40′ sailboat.

We are not letting this weekend get us down. It is just a small setback.

We choose to see it this way… we ruled out one boat, we made a couple of great contacts for the future and we have a clearer vision of what it will take to get us into our boat.

Our focus needs more focus.

We can now settle in and work extra hard at getting our upcoming product, a guidebook to personal freedom, done and launched. Get our debts paid down more and get our savings up.

As Mike said in his last post, ‘Our focus needs more focus’ and that is what we will be doing.

Even though this was a distraction it was a beautiful one. We were able to spend some great time as a family and go on a mini adventure. We learned more than we ever thought we would and that knowledge will help us in the future. It also helped us keep our dream alive and allowed it to grow bigger than ever.

What distractions or disappointments have you had on your journey to achieving your dreams?

Were you able to use them to fuel your dream even more?

Please share in the comments below what your big dream is and how you handle the setbacks along the way to achieving them.

P.S. Here is a little video we shot while waiting for the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. It’s a little glimpse into what our trip was like…


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