Bigger Bang For Your Buck

You want the whole shebang!

The big enchilada!

From finding your Superpower to launching your blog.

That is what we are here for.

Now, I know that it can be difficult to ask for help, but when you do amazing things can happen.

In the Bigger Bang For Your Buck Package we will discover your Superpower through a series of questions that we discuss together.

Once we have focused in on your particular Superpower, we need to nail down your hero name, I mean your Domain Name.

Next we work together to find just the right look for your new Superhero fortress.

Once all of the ground work is done, I’ll run off to my secret lab and slave over my equipment to build your new home on the web, including an Owner’s Manual so you don’t accidentally push the self destruct button!

As soon as your home is ready to move in, we’ll go over every inch in detail so you know exactly where things are and don’t have to wonder, “Now where did I put my cape?”

Sorry, I can’t help with Sidekicks or Arch Enemies.