Personal Freedom – 7 Bloggers \ 7 Days \ 7 Ways

It is my hope that in this book you will find a spark. The spark that will start the wildfire of freedom that is missing from so many today.

Towards that goal, we have brought together seven different bloggers to provide their view of freedom and what you can do to find it.

Because freedom is as personal and unique as each of us, the chapters in this book differ widely.

This book is not meant to be read from beginning to end. Rather it is a collection of short essays on freedom and some of the many ways you can work towards achieving your own.

As you read through the chapters in this book, some may seem foreign to you. Some may seem almost familiar, and hopefully at least one will resonate with you, lighting the spark of a new idea. The idea that you can find the freedom that you are seeking.

When you find the view that resonates with you, I encourage you to visit the website of that author. You are likely to find more fuel to feed the idea that was sparked here.

It is our genuine hope that at least in some small way we can help you to find your own personal freedom.

Download your free copy of the book here: Personal Freedom – Personal Freedom Book