Blog Post Round Robin

Its a Win-Win for everyone!

Occasionally, we will be organizing a Round Robin project that will focus on a particular topic.

Our next Round Robin will be on Personal Freedom and is scheduled to start on February 2nd 2012.  Keep an eye out here at Route To Freedom for additional information.

The current project is about how each of the members defines Personal Freedom, and what they are doing to achieve that freedom.

By including a number of bloggers the project significantly increases its reach and each member of the project benefits from new traffic that comes from the regular readers of the other members.

The way the Round Robin works is that each day for the event one blogger publishes a post that relates to the project’s topic.  On that day all of the other members will promote the day’s post using their email list, Twitter, FaceBook and any other social media channels that they usually use.

As the organizer, I will be sending out an email to all of the members each day of the project.  This will let everyone know who is “on deck” to post the following day, and that person can then reply to the group to let them know what the link is for their upcoming post.  This link can then be used to promote that post.

When the project has run its course and each member has published their post, then within two weeks I will have all of the posts compiled into an eBook that will be made available to all of the members for their own use.

The readers benefit from the project by having access to a number of varied perspectives on a single topic from some great bloggers.

The members of the project benefit from getting highly-focused traffic from sources that they would not otherwise have access to as well as ending up with a nice ebook that they have contributed to.

If you have any questions on the Round Robin idea, or if you would like to be considered for a future Round Robin project please contact Mike and let him know.